Pompeii. Necropoli di Porta Nocera. Tombs on the Via delle Tombe near the Nocera Gate

Pompei. Necropoli di Porta Nocera. Tombe sulla Via delle Tombe presso Porta Nocera

Pompeji. Nekropole von Porta Nocera. Gräber auf der Via delle Tombe in der Nähe des Nocera-Tors

Tomb 2EN North west side of Via delle Tombe Cippus on Via delle Tombe Porta Nocera display area for items found in or near the tombs Tombs 4EN to 8EN Tombs 10EN to 14EN Tombs 16EN to 20EN Tombs 22EN to 32EN Tomb 34EN Tomb 34aEN Tombs 36EN to 40EN Tombs 42EN to 44EN Tomb 1ES Tomb 3ES Tomb 5ES Tombs 7ES to 9ES Tombs 11ES to 13ES Tombs 15ES and enclosure between 15ES and 17ES Tomb 17ES Tomb 19ES Tombs 1OS to 5OS Tomb 7OS Tomb 9OS Tomb 11OS Tomb 13OS to 15OS Tomb 17OS Tombs 17aOS, 17bOS, 19OS, 19aOS, 19bOS and 21OS Tomb 23OS Tombs 25OS to 29OS Tomb 31OS  Pompeii Porta Nocera or Nocera Gate Tombs. on the Via delle Tombe. Gräber auf der Via delle Tombe. Pompeiiinpictures plan.

Pompeii Porta Nocera. Tombs on the Via delle Tombe. Tombe sulla Via delle Tombe. Gräber auf der Via delle Tombe. Pompeiiinpictures plan.

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The tomb numbering is based on that used by D'Ambrosio and De Caro to enable you to refer directly to their material for further photographs, descriptions of tombs, their construction, floor plans, finds and naming.

See D’Ambrosio, A. and De Caro, S., 1983. Un Impegno per Pompei: Fotopiano e documentazione della Necropoli di Porta Nocera. Milano: Touring Club Italiano.


North East (EN)


North East (EN) 1 :-

2EN. Tomb with hunt scene

North East (EN) 2 :-

4EN. Tomb of L. Cellius

6EN. Tomb of an anonymous female

8EN. Tomb of the Gens Aninia

North East (EN) 3 :-

10EN. Unidentified tomb with female statue next to it

12EN. Unidentified tomb or Tomb of L. Hadonina?

14EN. Tomb with drawings of gladiator graffiti which may have had a tholos on top

North East (EN) 4 :-

16EN. Tomb of Numerius Alleius Auctus and eight others

18EN. Unidentified tomb or ustrinum or unused tomb

20EN. Tetrapylon tomb

North East (EN) 5 :-

22EN. Tomb of Lucius Publicius Syneros, Aebia Fausta, Lucius Aebius Aristo and Aebia Hilara

24EN. Tomb with a male columella

26EN. Tomb with a male columella

28EN. Tomb of unidentified person

30EN. Tomb of Melissaea, daughter of Numerius Melissaeus, and two Marcus Servilius’, father and son

32EN. Tomb of Lucius Sepunius Sandilianus? 

North East (EN) 6 :-

34EN. Tomb with eight cippi. Tomb of Afrea Prima? 

North East (EN) 7 :-

34aEN. Collapsed aedicula tomb with floral stucco decoration and three statues

North East (EN) 8 :-

36EN. Unidentified tomb with four columelle

38EN. Unidentified tomb

40EN. Tomb of unidentified female

40aEN. Tomb of unidentified female

North East (EN) 9 :-

42EN. Tomb of Derecia Methe

44EN. Unidentified tomb


South East (ES)


South East (ES) 1 :-

1ES. Tomb with four uninscribed columelle and a male marble bust

South East (ES) 2 :-

3ES. Tomb of Veia Barchilla and Numerius Agrestinus Equitius Pulcher

South East (ES) 3 :-

5ES. Unidentified enclosure tomb with rectangular facade

South East (ES) 4 :-

7ES. Unidentified tomb with entrance steps built into wall

9ES. Tomb of Caius Munatius Faustus and Naevoleia Tyche, Lucio Naevoleius Eutrapelus, Munatia Euche, Helpis, Primigenia, Arsinoe, Psiche and Atimetus

South East (ES) 5 :-

11ES. Tomb of Aulus Veius Atticus, Aulus Veius Nymphius and a circular marble disc of Marcus Herrenius Epidianus

13ES. Tomb of a military man

South East (ES) 6 :-

15ES. Tomb of Lucius Barbidius Communis and Pithia Rufilla, Acris, Aulus Dentatius Fortunatus, Aulus Dentatius Felix, Aulo Dentatio A. L. Celso, Pompeia Aucta, L. Barbidio Vitali, Vitalis, Ianuarius

Enclosure between 15ES and 17ES with lava block step in wall

South East (ES) 7 :-

17ES. Tomb of Caius Cuspius Cyrus, Caius Cuspius Salvius and Vesvia Iucunda

South East (ES) 8 :-

19ES. Unidentified tomb


Display area on south side


Display area :-

Display of items found in and near the tombs


South West (OS)


South West (OS) 1 :-

1OS. Unidentified tomb

3OS. Tomb of Lucius Ceius Serapio and his wife Helvia

5OS. Tomb of Aulus Clodius Iustus, Aulus Clodius Aegialus, Tironia Repentina, Clodia Nigella, Aulus Clodius Faustus, Aulus Clodius Pompeianus, Clodia Auli, Lucidus

South West (OS) 2 :-

7OS. Tomb of Publius Flavius Philoxsenus and Flavia Agathea, Acastus, Spiron

South West (OS) 3 :-

9OS. Tomb of a magistrate?

South West (OS) 4 :-

11OS. Tomb of Eumachia, Lucius Eumachius Aprilis, Cneius Alleius Eroti, Cneius Alleius Logus, Pomponia Decharcis

South West (OS) 5 :-

13OS. Tomb of Marcus Octavius and Vertia Philumina

15OS. Tomb of Caius Minatius Iucundus and Antistia M L Auxesis

South West (OS) 6 :-

17OS. Tomb of Lucius Tillius, Caius Tillius Rufus, Caius Tillius, Fadia, Caius Tillius Rufus

South West (OS) 7 :-

17aOS. Tomb of Popidius Nicostratus

17bOS. Tomb of Titus Muttius Proculus and Lucius Muttius Martialis

19OS. Unidentified tomb

19aOS. Tomb of Helle Puella

19bOS. Unidentified tomb not visible today

21OS. Tomb of the gens Stallia, Stallia Haphe, Bebrix

South West (OS) 8 :-

23OS. Aedicula tomb of Publius Vesonius Phileros, Vesonia, and Marcus Orfellius Faustus, Publius Vesonius Pileros, Publius Vesonius Proculus, Vesonia Urbana, Eliodorus

South West (OS) 9 :-

25OS. Unidentified tomb

25aOS. Tomb of Castricia Prisca

27OS. Tomb of Aulus Campius Antiocus

29OS. Tomb of Lucius Caesius and Annedia

South West (OS) 10 :-

31OS. Tomb of Marcus Stronnius Meinius, Stronnia Acatarchis, Caius Stronnius, pater, and Caius Stronnius, filius


North West


North West (ON)

Area with plaster casts of fleeing victims bodies




Cippus of Suedius Clemens

Cippus of Suedius Clemens outside Porta Nocera



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