V.4.a Pompeii. House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto or Casa di Marco Lucrezio Frontone



Pompeii V.4.a/11. Casa di Marco Lucrezio Frontone. Garden area. Pompeii V.4.a/11. Casa di Marco Lucrezio Frontone. House area. Pompeii V.4.a/11. Casa di Marco Lucrezio Frontone. Plan courtesy of Annette Haug.

Pompeii V.4.a/11. Casa di Marco Lucrezio Frontone. Plan courtesy of Annette Haug.

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Pompeii V.4.a Quickie        Quick Overview


Pompeii V.4.a House Area   Rooms "a" to "k"


Pompeii V.4.a Garden Area  Rooms "l" to "x"




Ground level

a:   Entrance and fauces at V.4.a.

b:   Atrium

c:   Cubiculum

d:   Storage area

e:   Wooden stairs with two initial masonry steps

f:    Triclinium

g:   Cubiculum

h:   Tablinum

i:    Cubiculum

k:   Corridor leading to the service area

l:    Garden

m:  Light well and rainwater collection area

n:   Storage area, possibly previously a cubiculum

o:   Steps to upper floor

p:   Anteroom to the kitchen

q:   Kitchen

r:    South part a cupboard; north part a latrine

s:    Small triclinium or biclinium 

t:    Summer triclinium

u:   Room where eight skeletons were found

v:   Service area

x:   Service area or stable

11: Entrance at V.4.11.


Upper floor

Stairways in room "e" and the western end of garden "l" indicate that these areas had upper-storey rooms.

Bastet and Heres have recorded rooms above the front of the house.

Mau recorded a large room above rooms "i" and "h" with remains of a pavement and simply decorated in the Third Style on a black ground.

Mau also noted further rooms above the kitchen area.

See Bastet, F.L., 1975. Forschungen im Haus des M. Lucretius Fronto. In Neue Forschungen in Pompeji, Recklinghausen: Aurel Bongers, p. 193-197.

See Mau, A., 1901. Ausgrabungen vom Pompeji. Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Römische Abteilung 16, p. 283-365.

See Peters, W.J., Moormann E.M., Heres T.L. , 1993. La Casa di Marcus Lucretius Fronto a Pompei e le sue pitture. Amsterdam: Thesis Publishers, p. 83, Fig. 191.


House area

The house area has pictures of

      The atrium, the impluvium, the compluvium

      A marble table

      The tablinum and a cubiculum

      The summer triclinium and winter triclinium


The house area has pictures of wall paintings of

      Bacchus and Ariadne

      Mars and Venus


      Pero suckling her father Micone

      A young girl

      A boy shown with the attributes of Mercury

        - a winged helmet and a caduceus

      Theseus and Ariadne in front of the Labyrinth

      Orestes killing Neoptolemus

      The toilet of Venus or Toilette d' Aphrodite

      Pyramus and Thisbe

      Dionysus with Silenus playing the lyre.


Garden area

The garden area has pictures of

     The kitchen, the stairs to the upper floor

     The portico, an exedra

     The hunting fresco with life size animals


Please be aware that the room numbers shown may differ from any other plans or records both published and unpublished. 



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